13.07.2015 • Whether on a workplace PC or via smartphone on-site, our new troubleshooting feature from DriveBenefits provides quick and easy access to advice on the causes of any product fault and assistance in resolving the issue.

Wasting valuable time scouring through instruction manuals is now a thing of the past. Our new Online Support application for troubleshooting features the error tables for all the available instruction manuals from SEW-EURODRIVE. This comprehensive data source and intuitive guided analysis of your product will make fault resolution much simpler in the future. To begin the fault analysis, you simply have to enter the serial number or type designation of the product affected. This direct, straightforward process identifies potential sources of the problem and simultaneously lists actions for resolving the issue.

What’s more, our tool won’t leave you in the lurch if you are unable to precisely pinpoint the fault or narrow down the causes. You also have the option of using the text field provided you enter a detailed description of the fault that has occurred with your product.

The decision about which of the fault-resolution options suggested at the end of the analysis to use is entirely up to you.

Experience the benefits of our troubleshooting application for yourself!

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You can also open the online application in your smartphone browser, it is especially programmed for these devices. If you already use the SEW Product ID app plus you can access troubleshooting straight from this app: