• Our internal rules


    All of our employees at all of our locations worldwide follow rules.

  • We aim to achieve zero errors

    We want you to be satisfied!

    Zero errors and maximum customer satisfaction is our declared aim.

  • Environmental protection has highest priority

    Environmental protection affects all of us

    Our aim: The prevention of environmental pollution by improving environmental protection.

  • Safety has many different aspects.

    Safety is our top priority

    Occupational health and safety, information security - there's a lot to take into account.

Our claim

We have high standards that we strive to meet on a daily basis: high quality in all areas, environmental protection, ensuring occupational safety, information security and functional safety of our products.

Our actions

Over 16,000 employees from around the world strive daily to meet the standards we have set ourselves. Challenge us and measure us by our own standards; we grow with every challenge.

We challenge ourselves
SEW-EURODRIVE company principles

Our company principles

Our customers have demands on our company So that we are able to meet these demands, we work in a process-oriented manner, plan logistics and installation in detail and offer support through training and services.

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