MD series industrial gear units

Using the industrial gear units in the MD series, you can reliably drive large machines in the upper torque range of up to 2,584 kNm. We are happy to implement customized solutions for your specific applications at any time.

Customized helical and bevel-helical gear units for the heavy-duty sector

MD series industrial gear units for the upper torque range.
The industrial gear units in the MD series have many potential applications
The industrial gear units in the MD series have many potential applications

With a total of 17 different sizes available, the MD series covers the 528 to 2,584 kNm torque range. With numerous options and additional features as well as the possibility to implement customized solutions, the series ensures the reliable operation of plants in the heavy load range.

The integrated gear unit concept, with its fine graduation of sizes and wide gear ratio range, means it is always close to the requirements of the particular application. The MD series is not only simple to assemble and start up but also extremely reliable. The horizontally split gear unit housing also improves maintainability.

Universal applications

Available in a helical or bevel-helical gear design, the gear units can be used in many industries and applications. Sealing systems, bearing and lubrication concepts etc. have been designed to facilitate adaptation to the prevailing environmental conditions and load situations.

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Your advantages

  • Individual adaptability

    To individual, existing mounting options, thanks to the welded steel construction housing
  • Simple maintenance

    Due to the parting line which makes it easy to remove the housing for servicing purposes
  • Universal applications

    Owing to a range of options and additional features


  • Independent industrial gear unit platform with 17 sizes
  • Helical and bevel-helical gear units
  • Split housing in welded steel
  • Diverse predefined options and additional features
  • Available as a complete drive package
  • Customer-specific adaptations possible

Technical data

Close table
Gear unit design Stages Gear ratio
Nominal torque M N2 kNm
Helical gear unit MD.F..: 2, 3 and 4 stages 5.6 – 315 528 – 2,584
Bevel-helical gear unit MD.K..: 3, 4 and 5 stages 14 – 1,600 561 – 2,584
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