MOVI-C®: Inverter technology

There's no doubt that your machines and systems employ inverter technology. For the past several decades, inverters have been used to control and monitor the drive technology within a system, for instance conveyor lines, corner transfer units, storage/retrieval systems and many other machine modules. But is all inverter technology the same? And how future proof is the technology standard of today?

The NEW ARRIVALS: MOVIDRIVE® application inverters

When developing the new MOVI-C® modular automation system, we were preoccupied with whether today's inverter technology will still be able to meet the automation tasks of the coming decades. One approach would have been to take successful, mature and most importantly reliable components and make them even better.

Instead, we decided to completely redevelop our inverter technology and truly take the MOVI-C® modular automation system to the next level. Because we see the future of automation in every single component, including inverter technology. That's why the new MOVI-C® modular automation system also contains new MOVIDRIVE® application inverters. The name is the same, but the inverters have been completely redeveloped and redesigned. The result: one new inverter platform for all common motors.

Compact or modular: MOVIDRIVE® controls and monitors all motor types

The MOVIDRIVE® application inverters are available as single-axis application inverters with nominal power of up to 315 kW, and as modular, multi-axis systems with single-axis and double-axis modules with nominal currents up to 180 A. For dynamic movements, MOVIDRIVE® offers an overload capacity of up to 250 %. Whether as a single-axis application inverter or in the modular design, these SEW EURODRIVE inverters control and monitor all motor types, including synchronous and asynchronous AC motors with/without an encoder, asynchronous motors with LSPM technology, and synchronous and asynchronous linear motors. Functional safety is included as standard, and the STO with PL e is already integrated in the basic unit. Safety option cards can be used to implement more than 15 additional safety functions.

In the field, MOVIDRIVE® turns heads with its exceptionally quick and easy startup.

To start up the motor, you can read and enter the type designation from the motor's electronic nameplate. Alternatively, you can use the electronic catalog in the MOVISUITE® engineering software. Even unknown motors are not a problem: These can be easily started up using the calibration function. And optimal energy efficiency is guaranteed by the various energy management functions, such as regenerative units, energy storage units and standby mode. Standby mode reduces the application inverters' energy consumption during breaks in operation by up to 85 % without interrupting communication to the higher-level PLC.

To start up the application, graphical editors are available to help you easily create motion functions, and automatic IEC code generation helps get you started writing sequential programs.

With MOVI-C®, everything fits together

As with our other modular systems, everything in our new MOVI-C® modular automation system fits seamlessly together: The engineering software matches the controller and inverter technology, which in turn both fit with the drive technology.

Tell us your requirements and we will provide you with a future-proof automation solution.

MOVI-C® = Total automation from a single source

  • Provided by an automation specialist
  • From planning, to startup and operation, to diagnostics and service
  • From software and controllers to inverters and drive technology

Your benefits

  • Control any motor

    with just a single inverter series – no need to learn multiple series
  • Functional safety comes standard

    from the single-axis application inverter to the modular multi-axis systems with single-axis and double-axis modules
  • Quick and easy startup

    because the electronic nameplate provides all the gear unit and motor data


  • One inverter family for all motors – control and monitor all
    • Synchronous and asynchronous AC motors with/without an encoder
    • Asynchronous motors with LSPM technology
    • Synchronous and asynchronous linear motors
  • The application inverters can also be used to operate explosion-proof motors
  • Extremely easy startup using the electronic nameplate or the electronic catalog
  • Simple startup of unknown motors using the calibration function
  • Energy-saving functions for partial load operation and standby mode

Control modes

  • V/f: highly robust for asynchronous motors without encoders
  • VFCPLUS: highly diverse for asynchronous motors with and without encoders
  • CFC: highly dynamic for asynchronous and synchronous motors with encoders
  • ELSM®: highly efficient for synchronous motors without encoders

Digital interfaces to the motor

A digital data cable makes the motor an active part of your data network, providing all motor data – such as encoder data, temperature data, commissioning data, and data from other sensors – to the application inverter and the connected networks at any time. This information can be used to capture detailed operational data and compile maintenance forecasts. As the type designations, serial numbers and logistics data associated with motors are identified and supplied automatically, an inventory of all the drives in a plant can be compiled automatically at the touch of a button. Repairs, exchanges and enhancements can be tracked and traced at any time.

  • Intelligent, digital connection using just one standardized hybrid cable to connect data transmission and power supply lines between the motors (synchronous machine and asynchronous machine) and the application inverters:
    • The data line is linked to the application inverter using a series-standard coaxial connector
    • Plug connector on motor or, alternatively, terminal box connection for on-site assembly
  • Available for motors up to size 315
  • Extremely robust, high-performance design for data transmission with coaxial data cable, ideal for especially space-saving installations
  • Also suitable for very long cables measuring up to 200 m
  • Fully integrated digital motor encoder in various designs
  • Data memory in the motor for drive and application data, automatic start-up of the application inverter without engineering tool
  • MOVILINK® DDI digital data interface for transmitting:
    • Information from the electronic nameplate
    • Brake and diagnostic data (e.g. temperature sensor data)
    • Encoder data, safe and non-safe
  • Brake control integrated into the motor for synchronous and asynchronous drive technology:
    • For holding brakes and working brakes
    • No need for brake control device in the control cabinet
    • Continuous electronic detection of switching status and brake wear
    • Transmission of brake diagnostic data via data interface to application inverter
    • Condition-based maintenance intervals, forward planning of maintenance work, wear information, even for difficult-to-access drives

Integrated MOVISAFE® safety technology

Integrated into the inverter technology

Due to the requirements laid down in technical standards and the drive to have humans and machines working hand in hand, the number of plant areas equipped with functional safety technology is constantly growing. As a result, functional safety is an integral part of any application.

By introducing MOVISAFE® CS..A safety cards, SEW EURODRIVE has made functional safety an integral element of all MOVI C® application inverters. Even the basic unit in the MOVIDRIVE® series features STO in PL e. All higher-level safety functions are achieved by inserting an option card, including all the necessary connections to the inverter technology – encoder, communication and STO. This helps you reduce costs to only what is necessary to achieve the functions you actually need.

Functions in the basic unit

  • STO (safe torque off)
  • SIL 3 to EN 61800-5-2, EN 61508
  • PL e to EN ISO 13849-1
  • Can be activated via safe inputs
  • Can be activated via safe communication if a CS..A safety card is inserted
  • Extremely short response times of 2 ms enable small safety clearances

MOVISAFE® safety card functions

  • Five scalable safety cards as appropriate to application requirements
  • More than 15 higher-level safety functions can be incorporated by inserting option cards
  • Can be inserted retrospectively at any time, no additional external cables needed
  • Also with additional multi-encoder input
  • Safe communication via PROFIsafe/PROFINET and FSoE – Fail Safe over EtherCAT®
  • STO safety function with PLe integrated in basic unit
  • Secure communication via PROFINET / PROFIsafe and EtherCAT® / FSoE
  • High-quality safety functions in the MOVISAFE® safety card, type CS...A:
    • Just plug in the option card; no external connection cables are required for the encoder, communication or STO connection
    • Easily replace cards and devices using the pluggable memory key in the safety option
  • Easily start up the unit by entering parameters
  • Diagnostics and scope functions are fully integrated in the engineering software
  • For simple control of the STO, the safe inputs feature P/P and P/M topology
  • All safety parameters are part of the inverter data set; in the case of a unit replacement, all that is needed is to import the inverter data set into the new device
  • Both process and safety values can be recorded in the Scope diagnostics tool – this facilitates troubleshooting and diagnostics
Close table
Hardware MOVISAFE®
Safe inputs 4 4 4 4 4
Safe outputs - 2 2 2 2
Safe stop function STO, SS1c STO, SS1c, SBC STO, SS1c, SBC STO, SS1c, SBC STO, SS1c, SBC, SBT
Safe motion function - - SOS, SS1b, SS2, SLS, SSR, SLA, SSM SOS, SS1b, SS2, SLS, SSR, SLA, SSM SOS, SS1b, SS2, SLS, SSR, SLA, SSM
Safe positioning function - - SLI, SDI SLI, SDI SLI, SDI, SCA, SLP
Safe communication PROFIsafe, FSoE PROFIsafe, FSoE PROFIsafe, FSoE PROFIsafe, FSoE PROFIsafe, FSoE
Additional multi-encoder input - Yes - Yes Yes
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Technical data

MOVIDRIVE® modular

Compact multi-axis system comprising power supply modules, regenerative power supply modules, and single-axis and double-axis modules

  • Up to 30 drives to one power supply module
  • Up to 800 m overall machine cable length
  • Control via MOVI-C® CONTROLLER
  • Particularly compact design
  • Master module for compact integration of the MOVI-C® CONTROLLER
  • Power supply modules, with energy recovery and energy storage management options
  • Available as EtherCAT® CiA402 profile variant


Single-axis application frequency inverter with its own power supply connection:

  • Perfect addition to the multi-axis system for high outputs or long motor cables
  • Up to 1200 m motor cable length
  • Control via MOVI C® CONTROLLER
  • Available as variant with EtherCAT® CiA402 profile

MOVIDRIVE® technology

Single-axis application frequency inverter with its own power supply connection and direct fieldbus connection via plug-in fieldbus interfaces. In addition to the features of MOVIDRIVE® system, MOVIDRIVE® technology offers:

  • Commissioning via plug-in operating devices or engineering software
  • Integrated memory card to back up device data
  • Integrated 24 V DC switched-mode power supply unit
  • Alphanumeric or fully-graphic control unit for commissioning the frequency inverter and MOVIKIT® software modules

Technical Data

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Nominal Voltage
3 x AC 380 – 500 3 x AC 200 – 240
3 x AC 380 – 500
Rated output – power supply module
10 - 110 -
Rated output, regenerative power supply module, block-shaped
50 - 75 -
Rated output
current – single-axis
module kW
- 0.55 – 315
Rated output current, single-axis module
2 - 180 -
Rated output current, double-axis module
2 - 8  
Overload capacity 250 % 200 %
Overview of options Multi-encoder input in the basic unit, encoder option for additional EtherCAT® encoder interface, extension for inputs and outputs, regenerative power supply, braking resistors, line choke, line filter, output chokes, output filter
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The new MOVI-C® automation series represents the future of automation. The modular system is made up of four modules.
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The new MOVI-C® automation series represents the future of automation. The modular system is made up of four modules.

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