Drive technology in sewage treatment plants

Waste water treatment is a continuous process whereby waste water technology must not be allowed to come to a standstill. Drive technology plays a key role here. If the technology should ever fail, a fast and appropriate response is required. Our Guide will give you a few tips for this scenario.

"Guide to failure management or business continuity plans

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"Guide to management of drive technology in sewage treatment plants"

Municipal waste water treatment is a complex field. In addition to solids, the waste water also contains many dissolved materials and other impurities. During waste water treatment, these substances must be reduced to legal discharge limits or, even better, removed completely. Only then may the purified, clean water be transferred to a drainage channel. During waste water treatment, the water undergoes different mechanical and biological processes.

Electric drive technology is used in almost all purification stages of the sewage treatment plant. These drives pump or transfer the waste water. Customer-specific gear units and electric motors are used on pumps or in process steps. They drive the helical worms in the infeed lifting system or the pumps for primary, return, or excess sludge. Gearmotors also drive the screens in the sand trap, the aeration tank, and final clarifier.

In principle, electrical drives are used at every point in the treatment process where movement is required. These drives perform their duties day after day and are under heavy strain. In order to avoid a failure, the drives and your entire system need regular maintenance. Our Guide will give you some useful tips.

Outdated technology, for which there are no more direct replacement parts, may also cause problems. Over the years, a variety of brands accumulate that are incompatible with each other. We also tell you how you can keep your system up to date with the latest technology in our Guide.

Another key focus for sewage treatment plants is energy efficiency. There is still a need for further action here. Then there is Industry 4.0. Discover and take advantage of the many benefits in this area too.

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