Sewage treatment plant in Friesenheim: Gear unit

Is it beneficial to modernize gear units in a sewage treatment plant?

In Germany, there are about 10 000 sewage treatment plants. Around 4000 sewage treatment companies ensure that plant processes run smoothly. They really are multitalented. Technical failures cannot always be avoided, however they can be minimized through anticipatory action. The following article illustrates just how important it is to be forward-thinking and respond in good time.

Inlet works with pumping station in the sewage treatment plant.
Inlet works with pumping station in the sewage treatment plant in Friesenhe

A sewage treatment plant continuously processes the inflowing waste water. In order to achieve continuous motion, drives must run reliably around the clock. Intake is a crucial process step, but one that is also susceptible to problems. There are usually screw pumps for lifting the inflowing water. Although all screw pumps are very rarely used simultaneously, the failure of a pumping system in heavy rain can be a problem. In such a case, the large amount of inflowing water cannot be raised fast enough to the level of the primary clarifier. As a result, the waste water accumulates before reaching the sewage treatment plant.

A similar incident almost occurred in the sewage treatment plant in Friesenheim, located in the Ortenau district near the town of Lahr. One of the two large pumping stations situated directly at the inlet works was no longer operational. This was due to damaged teeth on the gear wheel in the gear unit. Our service experts were on site at the time carrying out other work and were thus able to act immediately.

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