SEW‑EURODRIVE on location: Interview series

Waste water treatment needs progression – both in terms of technology and people

Nothing is worse in waste water technology than a long period of downtime. The waste water cannot simply be switched off. However, downtime is not an issue for the people who work in sewage treatment plants. During an interview with the Plant Manager of the sewage treatment plant in Kammerforst in the municipality of Karlsdorf-Neuthard, we learned a lot about the professions, problems, and future topics in waste water technology.

Jochen Daniel Schwertheim, Plant Manager of the Kammerforst sewage treatment plant, talks to SEW‑EURODRIVE
SEW‑EURODRIVE talks to Plant Manager Jochen Daniel Schwertheim

Anyone who was around before the 70s can probably still recall that biting smell: Waste water from households and industry flowed unfiltered and untreated into our streams, rivers, and lakes. Dirty foam drifted on the waters and it stank to the high heavens. Thanks to state-of-the-art waste water treatment, it is now possible to go fishing and bathing in many areas of the Rhine and other bodies of waters.

We were therefore interested in what happens in a typical sewage treatment plant. What is the general daily routine of the Manager of a Sewage Treatment Plant and his employees? What does the future hold? Which problems do they have to deal with on a daily basis?

All will be revealed. We only encounter unpleasant odors where the untreated sewage enters and the screen filters out unwanted residual waste. The sewage sludge at the end is also certainly not meant for sensitive noses. But we don't need to tell you, you are experts in the field!

"SEW‑EURODRIVE on location" is the theme of our interview series.

Interview series part 1

Two people on a scraper bridge

In part 1 of our interview series, you will meet Plant Manager Jochen Daniel Schwertheim and find out first-hand what makes his job as Manager of a Sewage Treatment Plant so special.

Interview series part 2

Belebungsbecken Klärwerk

In part 2 of our interview series we will give you first-hand information on the challenges facing the Kammerforst sewage treatment plant every day and how you can handle them.

Interview series part 3

Aeration tank Sewage treatment plant

How has wastewater treatment developed over the years and what does the future hold for profession and technology? At the Karlsdorf-Neuthard sewage treatment plant, no one wants to obstruct anything during the reconstruction.