Baggage sorting at the airport

  • Baggage sorting systems

    Baggage sorting

    Sorter systems for high-precision organization of baggage.

Baggage sorters are true high-performance systems. They gently and accurately convey baggage at high speed to the right destination and are perfectly supported by our highly dynamic, intelligent, and efficient linear drives.

Your benefits

  • Regulated speed

    Thanks to accurate control as well as highly dynamic, powerful linear drive technology with a high level of control quality
  • High energy efficiency

    Thanks to synchronous linear motors with above-average efficiency and economical mechatronic drives
  • Exact positioning

    Thanks to precise control technology and software modules that are perfectly tailored to your application
  • High sustainability

    Thanks to drastically reduced CO2 emissions from our highly efficient drive technology and dispensing with rare earths
  • Reduced maintenance

    Thanks to virtually wear-free linear motors that can exist without mechanical transmission components

Our solutions for your particular sorting process

Tilt-tray sorters or cross-belt sorters

Sort, distribute, and accurately feed baggage into subsequent transportation routes until they reach the right aircraft: The task undertaken by baggage sorters places high demands on electric drive technology and automation. On the one hand, it is a question of high speed, fast acceleration, and smooth braking. On the other hand, however, precise positioning is required. All the above is perfectly integrated into the overall system control technology.

Irrespective of whether you want to deploy a tilt-tray sorter or a cross-belt sorter, we have the drive you need. If you use our SL2 synchronous linear servomotor as the main drive, your existing sorter systems, which are fitted with traditional asynchronous linear motors, achieve a high degree of efficiency. Furthermore, if you use our exceptionally energy-efficient mechatronic drives on the auxiliary axis, you will make considerable savings.

What we can offer you

MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive unit

Gear units, motor, and electronics in a single, compact device with energy savings of up to 50%

DRC.. electronic motor

Do you want flexibility in terms of freedom to choose your own gear units and mount them directly? If so, the permanently excited synchronous motor in efficiency class IE4 with integrated drive electronics is the best choice for you.

Standard gear units

Our modular system has a comprehensive range of standard gear units for you, all of which are suitable for direct mounting onto the DRC.. electronic motor.

SL2 synchronous linear servomotor

The virtually wear-free and maintenance-free drive solution for highly dynamic handling tasks has a high level of control quality and precision.

MOVIDRIVE® B application inverter

Our MOVIDRIVE® B control cabinet inverter is the best solution for high-tech applications with synchronized movement sequences.

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