Baggage inspection at the airport

  • Automatic baggage security checks

    Baggage inspection

    Safe and gentle: baggage transport during the security check.

Nothing is loaded without an inspection: our sophisticated, efficient drives reliably move baggage through the security check – and feed items back into the system once they have passed a manual inspection.

Your benefits

  • Huge energy savings

    of up to 50% – thanks to mechatronic drives, which ensure high productivity and efficiency when installed as a decentralised system.
  • Smooth screening procedures

    thanks to reliable, efficient drive technology that runs the baggage through the check at a controlled speed.
  • Low noise level

    thanks to the quiet, vibration-free motors. A huge plus for passengers and personnel.
  • Low operating costs

    thanks to minimized storage requirements as a result of the reduction in variants and high drive overload capacity.

Our solutions for your reliable screening process

Energy-efficient solutions

Belt conveyors throughout the screening process ensure that baggage is transported with care. No item is loaded onto the plane without first passing a thorough security check. As security requirements become stricter, demands for system reliability increase accordingly. In addition to this, sustainability and environmental awareness are also becoming increasingly important.

Yet still you are expected to lower your operating costs? Our mechatronic drives can help you in every way: their overload capacity offers great reliability, while their energy efficiency significantly reduces costs. What is more, their torque remains constant across the entire speed setting range (up to 1:2000). This reduces the number of drive variants, and thus their storage requirements. Put simply: your savings are doubled – reduced maintenance costs and up to 50% lower energy consumption.

Our solution for your application

MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive unit

Gear unit, motor and electronics in just one compact unit with an energy efficiency class of IE4.

DRC.. electronic motor

Do you want to be flexible, choose whatever gear unit suits you and mount it directly? If so, then the permanent-field, synchronous motor with efficiency class IE4 and built-in drive electronics is the perfect choice for you.

Standard gear units

Our modular system offers you a wide range of standard gear units – perfect for direct mounting on the DRC.. electronic motor. .

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