Interterminal transport at the airport

  • Interterminal connection

    Interterminal transport

    Baggage reaches its destination on time with high-speed conveyors.

Transit baggage needs to be moved form one terminal to another as quickly and safely as possible. Our mobile conveying systems with contactless energy transfer are wear-free, and provide great transport availability and safety.

Your benefits

  • Huge energy savings

    of up to 50%, as the correct movement is generated using highly efficient mechatronic drives.
  • Maximum speed

    thanks to the extremely dynamic, wear-free, mobile transport systems.
  • Exact positioning

    thanks to precise control technology with the perfect software modules for your individual application.
  • High degree of reliability

    thanks to the virtually wear-free, extremely low-maintenance operation of the mobile transport systems.

Our solutions for efficient interterminal transport

Conveyor line

Belt conveyors an efficient, gentle way to move baggage to the interterminal transport system

Airport operators are having to deal with increasingly large amounts of baggage while avoiding an increase in operating costs. Our highly efficient, mechatronic drives offer great opportunities for saving on energy consumption, while the fast installation and low maintenance expenses reduce costs even further.

Our solution for your application

MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive unit

Gear unit, motor and electronics in just one compact unit with energy savings of up to 50%

DRC.. electronic motor

Do you want to be flexible, choose whatever gear unit suits you and mount it directly? If so, then the permanent-field, synchronous motor with efficiency class IE4 and built-in drive electronics is the perfect choice for you.

Standard gear units

Our modular system offers you a wide range of standard gear units – perfect for direct mounting on the DRC.. electronic motor.

High-speed conveyor

Move transit baggage between terminals as quickly as possible

You don't want your passengers or their baggage to miss their connection. Extremely tight schedules are very demanding for airport operators from a logistics perspective. The solution: high-speed tracks for transporting baggage items from Arrivals to the Departures terminal. Benefit from our comprehensive, single-source system solutions: high-speed monorail systems with contactless energy transfer are tailor-made for this exact application.

Our solution for your application

High-speed monorail system

Using our contactless technology to transmit energy, data and power offers key advantages in a high-speed transport system. The virtually wear-free and extremely low-maintenance technology improves the availability of the entire system. Furthermore, our decentralized client control systems and network solutions provide a simplified interface with your on-site systems. The high bandwidth of the slotted waveguide wireless transmission allows continuous monitoring of the whole track, e.g. using an IP camera. Contact us. Our experts are happy to advise you.

MOVITRANS® contactless energy transfer system

Virtually wear and maintenance-free technology for highly dynamic applications.

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